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The first step towards creating your online presence is choosing a suitable domain name. More than likely, you'll want to use your company's name, or some variation of it. For example, if your company is "XYZ Cellular", your first choice for a domain name would probably be "" However, many memorable alternatives exist. Don't forget about alternate Top Level Domains (TLD's) such as .net, .org, and the newer .biz and .info. Additionally, registrars allow commonly used characters such as dashes. This would allow you to choose a domain name like "" without losing the appeal of having your complete company name in the URL, which fits conveniently on a business card or flyer (not to mention television commercial).


To get started, enter your choice of a domain into the box below. If it is available, you will be presented with a form to purchase your domain for a one- or two-year period. If the domain that you want is not available, make sure to try the alternate TLD's and the use of dashes. If you would like assistance in choosing a suitable domain name, please call a Stratanet support representative at (312) 804-8287.

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Welcome to the new and improved Stratanet! In addition to our new site design, we have made plenty of changes behind-the-scenes. We now have a brand-new datacenter with faster servers than ever, and a new customer Control Panel so that you can take charge of your own account!

Our new site design was created by the good folks at Halobrite. Be sure to check them out for all of your web design needs!

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